Loetz Art Nouveau opalescent vase

This exceptional opalescent vase from Loetz is a stunning example of interior design and decor from the early 1900s. Crafted by Loetz in Bohemia, the renowned art glass producer, it showcases the epitome of the Art Nouveau movement's organic, naturalistic style.

This antique vase's undulating curves and flowing lines evoke the graceful forms found in nature, a hallmark of Art Nouveau design.

Loetz was responsible for revitalising an ancient glassmaking technique which produces an iridescent and marble-like texture. The iridescent candia papillon colour palette shimmers with opalescent hues, transforming the piece into a mesmerising work of design that catches the light from every angle.

Four elegantly applied clear glass handles adorn the vase, providing both functionality and an exquisite decorative touch that exemplifies the era's emphasis on merging beauty with purpose in interior decor. Measures 28.5cm high.

Embrace the enduring allure of Art Nouveau and bring a piece of early 20th century design into your home with this truly exceptional treasure. 

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