Chanel Paris to Bombay Panja bracelet

This exquisite Chanel Paris to Bombay Panja Bracelet from the iconic French fashion house's 2012 collection is a exotic feast for the eyes, the ultimate luxury statement piece.

The Ultimate Luxury Statement Piece

A labor of love and craftsmanship, this spectacular Chanel beaded bracelet features delicate beads painstakingly hand-woven into an intricate geometric pattern.

Iconic Chanel Style Meets Indian Artistry

Drawing cross-cultural inspiration from the ancient panja bangle tradition of Rajasthan, India, this collector's item is a masterwork of wearable art. 

Luxurious Materials and Unparalleled Craftsmanship

The beads elevate the design with an opulent touch of lustre. A true treasure, this bracelet exemplifies the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship in the Chanel collection.

An Unforgettable Special Gift

Add this breathtaking jewel to your collection today. The Paris to Bombay Panja bracelet makes an unforgettable and distinctively unique special gift for the quintessential discerning woman who appreciates iconic Chanel design and global inspiration.

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